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Duro Lesbians from Japan 2 Creamy play

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PORN: Dave sat on his chair and pulled me over with him and asked if i wanted him to fuck me first i nodded yes and he told me to climb up and sit down on his cock slowly as it would hurt when he broke my hymen so i climbed up and he held me as i slowly lowered down taking 2 then 3 inches inside me then he stopped and said im at your hymen now if you are ready then i will push hard and then stop so you are used to it i will start to fuck you i was ready and he said it will hurt then the pain will go away i clenched my jaw as he thrust hard and broke my hymen then stopped till the pain had subsided then slid in 6 more inches i asked how much was in me and he said 8 inches 4 more to go do you want it all i nodded yes and he lowered me down even more till i had all 12 inches inside my tight little pussy it felt amazing the other guys were pinching and twisting my nipples Dan was pushing his cock towards my mouth so i opened my mouth and he slid his cock in and said you can’t deep throat me yet so i won’t go too deep time maybe i will teach you how to deep throat me one day but for today just suck my cock like you are sucking a lollipop and remember to keep your teeth back so you don’t bit me ok Jessie i nodded slightly and began to suck his cock Mark was rubbing my ass and playing with my asshole he looked at Dave and Dave nodded and asked me if i wanted a cock in my ass i nodded yes so Dave nodded to Mark and he went over to his tool box and took some lube out and he came back and started to push lube up my ass with one finger then as i started to loosen up a bit he added a second finger while he did this Dave continued to fuck me as i sucked Dan’s cock Paul was playing with my tits as was John i had Ben’s cock in my hand and i was wanking him off after a few minutes my ass was lubed up enough and Mark had lubed his cock up as well i felt him move behind me and heard him tell Dave to pull me forward so he could get into my ass, Dave pulled me forward and i felt Mark’s cock slowly push into my ass it hurt but not too bad soon Mark was deep in my ass so i was being triple penetrated and loving every minute of it, Dave started to fuck me faster and hard as Mark fucked my as harder and faster before long i felt Dave and Mark’s cocks start to get bigger and they told me they were about to cum and did i want it in me i nodded yes they both thrust one last time as deep as they could and i felt Dave’s cock pop into my cervix they both started to come in both my holes as i felt them cumming in me i felt Dan’s cock swell in my mouth as he started to come down my throat i started to swallow his cum the others started to come all over me Cumshot they got the walls up for the attic and part of the roof then lunch time arrived and 4 of the 6 men left to get lunch then they would return to eat it, the other 2 had brought some sandwiches with them and as it was quite a warm day mum made them some lemonade and asked me to take it up to them as she had to run to the shops to get something for dinner, so i grabbed the pitcher and glasses for the men and took it up to the 2 men who were still onsite, i walked up the stairs and the men looked around at me and i told them mum asked me to bring this to you and i took the lemonade to them, they thanked me and asked me to join them for a drink of lemonade there was another pitcher down in the fridge for when they finished this one. 5

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Lesbians from Japan 2

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