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PORN: Once inside they immediately saw a girl leaning over a table naked with another naked girl behind her holding a spit with the sharp tip inside the first girls pussy getting ready to push it though her, "Now sir are you sure you want your daughter roasted?, Once my assistant pushes the spit in there is no going back" Another naked young woman said to the men at the table, it was clear this restaurant also allowed you to have a girl you brought with you roasted instead of ordering from the menu, The man at the table only gave a wave as his response signaling he did indeed want her roasted and the young girl holding the spit that was inside the man's daughters pussy pushed it in to her as hard as she could berrying at least two feet of the spit into her in one thrust Double Penetration Gourry Stopped next to Lina, "I don’t know" He said as he pulled his bag from his shoulder and placed it on the ground and from it pulled the spit that had been used on Lina, "I couldn’t use any of my magic while that thing was in me" Lina said taking the long steel pole from Gourry's hands, "looks ordinary enough" Gourry replied, "But no ordinary spit could cause me to lose my magic like this one did, it must have some kind of magic inhibiting spell on it" Lina said, Lina thinking hard, "So that’s why Naga didn't wake up and try to blast me when I used it to cook her" Lina said to herself almost out of earshot of Gourry but not far enough, "You used this spit on another girl before those bandits used it on you?, and you said your not evil" Gourry replied, "Well she was no saint either trust me the world is better now that she is gone" Lina replied. When Gourry was finished he pulled his cum covered cock out of Lina's pussy and presented it to Naga to suck clean, "Ok im done with her" Gourry said and the young woman called for the girl who had used the spit on the girl from the other table and she ran right over with a new clean spit already greased up and ready to be pushed into this new wet cunt, "You wont need the grease she is so wet right now you could milk her pussy and use the juice to grease a hundred pole's" Gourry said as the young girl came up behind Lina and pushed the tip of the spit into her dripping wet pussy, at the same time the spit went in another group of people entered the restaurant two men and two girl's, "Ohh goddie we get to see one spitted" one of the girl said out loud and everyone turned to look at them as they took some seats at a nearby table to watch Lina's spitting

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