Tgirl 20151025002 Girl Get Fuck

Tgirl 20151025002 Girl Get Fuck play

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PORN: My attention now switched to the other sofa as Jenny was now getting a finger fuck from jerry, his thick fingers were working well into her pussy and she looked like she had taken four of them, her pussy was making the most obscene sounds and she was asking to be fisted as her pussy needed it this lasted several minutes then Jerry pushed her onto her back, raised her legs and slipped his cock home, she was loving it her nails were raking across his ass cheeks and her ass was rising and falling off the sofa as she tried to maximise his entry Teen (18+) It was nearly 2pm when Amanda’s car drove into the driveway, I felt somewhat relieved they were home though I had no reason to think anything might have happened, a few moments later Amanda and Susan came into the house carrying bottles of wine and booze and I knew right away that all was not well, Susan acknowledged my cheery hello but in a subdued manner and Amanda just said nothing but stormed past me into the kitchen, I looked at Susan who whispered “I will tell you later but she is really pissed with me for last night” I said nothing in return at that time but later got the story from Susan it seems that in the morning Amanda had confronted Susan after she had gone to the toilet and insisted that she collected her things as she was taking her home, Amanda felt that Susan had betrayed her by sleeping with me and more probably by seeming to have enjoyed being with me. I asked Susan what Amanda had planned for the evening but all she knew was that after a few drinks most of the guests would be going home but several would be staying over and “things would develop” Amanda had initially invited Susan as she had been complaining of being horny and not having had any sex since her boyfriend had split, but had been sworn to secrecy as Amanda did not want affair with Jerry to become company gossip, in fact according to Susan, Amanda found Jerry to be a “pretentious twat” but was addicted to his dick and had said that his leaving was probably a good thing as office romances were too difficult to keep quiet, other than that she knew nothing of the evenings plans

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